Sebastian 1-1 Coaching + Mastermind

Watch this video and see how you can work with me 1-1 to make $10k-$100k/month online with your personal brand.

From: Sebastian Gomez
To: Future 6-7 Figure Earner

This is NOT your typical sales letter.

As I write this, my intention is not to persuade you with fancy sales copy or by telling you that I have the newest "push button" system to make cash on autopilot. I will be very straight forward with you with how all this works and how my clients get results.

If you see my videos in social media, you see that I like to be very direct and to the point.

These Are My Goals For YOU With My 1-1 Mentoring Program:

  • ​Show you in extreme detail what steps you must follow to build a $10,000 - $100,000 month business online even if you're a complete beginner. I'm not saying you will get these results just by following a few simple steps. It will require a complete mindset shift and a lot of focused execution. These results are possible if you apply yourself and treat this as a real business and not just a hobby.

  • ​Keep you accountable throughout the journey of implementing every strategy that I teach you.

  • ​Answer any questions, doubts or concerns that you may have on a daily basis to make sure you don't get stuck and waste your super valuable time.

  • Help you avoid all the mistakes that I made throughout the journey that cost me well over $100,000. By avoiding these mistakes you will get results faster and you will investing your time on income producing activities.

  • ​Get ahead of the curve in the paid advertisement space to quickly scale your online business. I've spent $1,300,000 of my own money on ads in the past 2 years. You won't have to spend anywhere close to that to learn what I learned. I will simply teach you everything that is working this 2023.

  • ​Keep you focused and on track. I won't let you get distracted. I won't let you start thinking about doing something else. When you go all in with my coaching you are making a commitment to YOU but to ME as well. I will make sure you stay on your lane.

This Mentorship Is For You If You Are In Any Of The Following Businesses:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You're promoting other people's digital products as an affiliate.
  • Coaching or Consulting: If you're a coach, consultant or service provider and you're looking to get more high ticket clients working less time.
  • Personal Branding: If you're building your personal brand in ANY way and you want to monetize it in a way that can bring at least $10,000/month.

I want you to imagine this...

You wake up in the morning, have your breakfast and immediately start working on the game-plan that we made together.

Let's say that for some reason you don't understand something and you get stuck.

All you have to do is take out your phone, press a button and get direct access to me. I will give you a solution and explanation so that you understand what must be done and WHY.

It's that simple. Simple is better.

Just imagine tapping a button asking a question, and getting answers from someone who has made millions online consistently over the years.

This is something I wished I had in my first year of getting started online. If I would have had this kind of access to information, I would have gotten results a lot faster.

Most coaches will never pay individual attention to you because they are too focused in getting new customers and get the money in their bank accounts. And IF they do give individual daily attention they will charge you $10k+ for their time.

My goal as a coach is to help you quit your job and do this full time. We will figure out the exact numbers so that we have a specific target to aim for.

If you apply what I teach you, use my done-for-you material and go the extra mile, then there's no way you can't change your life.

Making $10k/month is very realistic if you apply what I teach you and take action.

Here's what you get:

1-1 Coaching With Sebastian + Lifetime Access To The Mastermind

⚫ (45 min) Zoom Video call with Sebastian + Individual Blueprint for you to follow.

⚫ 1 on 1 High Performance Coaching with Sebastian (6 Months Access)

⚫ Step-By-Step $10k-$100k/Month Transformation Program (Lifetime Access)

⚫ Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Call With The Mastermind (Lifetime Access)

⚫ Access Our Private Skool Mastermind Group For Members (Lifetime Access)

⚫ Private Live Retreats And Events Worldwide (Costa Rica, Ibiza, Conference)

⚫ Access To The Mastermind Members Area (Lifetime Access)

⚫ Access The Mastermind Investment Group

⚫ Weekly Progress Check-In

⚫ Access Our Private Sessions With Mastermind Guests And Speakers

⚫ All Mastermind Resources, Contacts, Connections, Templates & Scripts

✅ BONUS: International LLC business & payment processor setup

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