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Minimalist Metaverse Business

MMB is a tactical, results-based program designed to help you build a freedom-oriented, 3 hour per day online business that can realistically make you an extra $2,000 - $3,000 per month. Learn to create and sell your own digital products, as well as other people's digital products as an affiliate.


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Metaverse Email Secrets

Learn how to make "Tap Money" with email. You will learn how to build a bullet-proof email marketing business that generates consistent, predictable and sustainable income over time. I will share all my "secrets" on how I've generated hundreds of thousands of dollars by sending simple emails every day.

$87 one time

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Metaverse Investing Bootcamp

Learn to invest in crypto and NFT's safely and easily as a complete beginner. This step-by-step program is designed for beginners, and guides you from the most basics, such as opening a wallet and buying Bitcoin, to more advanced investing strategies and security best practices.

$27 one time

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$1M Traffic Secrets

Learn all my advanced traffic strategies and principals that I used to scale my business to 7 figures using paid ads. I also share my top lessons after investing $1,000,000 of my own personal money on ads. With this program you will be able to generate unlimited leads and sales for your online business. 

$97 one time

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Sebastian Mastermind

Sebastian's high level Mastermind and 1-1 coaching program. Learn how to make $10k-$100k per month with your personal brand and selling digital products. Work with Sebastian 1-1 via Whatsapp and on group weekly coaching calls to make your first 6 or 7 figures online.

$6,000 or 2 payments of $3,200


Sebastian Email List

I send a daily email to my email list. I share how I built a 7 figure 2-3 hour per day online business. I also talk about freedom, lifestyle and investments. 80% of my best content is shared via email and found nowhere else. Members of my list get bonuses and early access to my programs. It's free to join.


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The Travel Blueprint

Learn Sebastian's blueprint to get paid to travel. With this blueprint, the more you travel, the more you get paid. You will learn how to monetize every trip and maximize your sales by leveraging new locations, having fun, and creating disruptive open-close offers during your trips that allow you not only to travel for free, but to get paid to travel.

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Ripped AF Program

Learn how to get ripped AF all year round as a busy entrepreneur. Get 6 pack abs the minimalist way, while eating your favorite foods and eating clean. Optimize your energy levels, focus and boost your confidence. The ripped AF program is for people that want a Spartan body while they make bank. Instructed by Sebastian & his brother Esteban.

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Mindset Principals

Destroy your mental demons and become your best version. In this program you will learn the exact mental frameworks that will allow you to create discipline, consistency and dominate anything that you get involved in. I will share exactly what has worked for me throughout the years as I built my business and worked on optimize every area of my life.

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