The Complete Step-By-Step Program To Get Started With Crypto & NFT's (The Simple Way)

TheĀ Metaverse Investing Bootcamp is a 5 week training program that guides you by the hand to invest in crypto & NFT's in a safe and easy way.Ā Get exclusive access to our complete library of screen-sharing video trainings + lifetime access to all future updates.

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What You Will Learn In The Bootcamp

  • The fundamentals of Crypto and the Blockchain
  • Crypto wallets, exchanges and making transactions
  • What to look out for when investing in crypto projects
  • Safety practices that could save you thousands 
  • Proven time-tested investing practices
  • What are NFT's and why they matter
  • The different types of NFT's and their utilities
  • What to look out for where investing in NFT projects
  • Identifying NFT's with long-term potential
  • Historical NFT investing guide
  • And a lot more...
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 Who This Is For

The Metaverse Investing Bootcamp is for you if you're looking to learn about crypto & NFT's from scratch and you want to make sure you do it in a safe and easy way. From the basics to the more advanced.

This is for you if you if you want to start investingĀ in this industry with a long-term mindset and passive approach, meaning that you don't have to be actively buying and selling to get results.

You're looking to learn more about how to get a return on your investment by leveraging some of the top cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and others. This is also for you if you want to learn how NFT's work, and also understand how to determine if an NFT will gain value over time.

This is NOT a program to learn short-term trading or technical analysis.Ā The Bootcamp is principal based, and also shows many examples with screen-sharing. We teach you HOW to fish.

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Who This Is Not For

If You're Looking To Get Rich Quick

Our philosophy is to build a solid portfolio for the long-term. If you're looking for a "get-rich-quick" this is not for you. 

If you're looking for us to tell you exactly what to buy

In this training we won't tell you which specific cryptos or NFT's to buy. Instead of giving you the fish, we teach you HOW to fish.

If you're looking for the next 100X Dogecoin

We won't encourage you to go throw money at random meme coins. You will learn how to make the right research and think for yourself.

What Members Are Saying

Jesus Del Campo

"I think it's an amazing resource. I've recommended it to my friends since it helped me a lot!"

Fernando Castro

"So far it's been excellent. As always you add so much value."

Jose Morales 

"Loving every second of it. Easy to follow, love the visual aids. Very inspiring to keep learning."

Jamal Eddine

"F*cking gem bro. I took your advice into consideration, which is to creating Discord and Twitter accountr to learn from different people. I found an alpha group on Discord, they're freaking amazing, I learn every day, thank you for the value you're sharing with us."

Alex Castro

"Great info, short videos directly to the important info. No wasting time."

RJ Ahmed

"Man this is worth more than my ongoing college degree period! Learning so much and giving me the ability not only to be a researcher, but also to get out of the scarcity and FOMO mindset. Thank you for this brother."

Buy Program For $27