My Story

Before I dive into my story and bio I want to point out the most important aspect when starting any business or goal you have for the future.

This key aspect is your “WHY”.

What's Your "Why"?

Your “WHY” is what motivates you to reach whatever you want in life.

What will keep you moving even in the hardest and most difficult times you face. I don't know how many times you've seen the "gurus" on social media tell you that achieving financial freedom is easy. But the honest truth is that it's not as easy as it seems. It can be simple, but not necessarily easy.

You need to have your "Why" cleared out because the key for succeeding in anything is to be extremely perseverant and keep putting in the work even when things are not going your way. No matter what situation/obstacle you face, your “WHY” will always motivate you to keep pushing forward.

Most people say: “My motivation is money. I want to make money..."

And to be honest, I used to be that guy. I wanted to make money to feel fulfilled and successful. But using money as motivation only took me so far.

The reality is that money will not make you go out of bed early in a freezing cold morning and make you exit your comfort zone to achieve greatness in life. Well, it might for a short period of time, but not for the long term.

On the other hand, if your main goal is to give your family a better life, live life on your terms or help someone that you care about, you will do whatever it takes to make things happen. It doesn’t matter how much you struggle… You will find the motivation to do the hard things to get there.

Having said this, I encourage you to think deeply in what will fuel you throughout your journey of achieving financial freedom.

Maybe your inner and most powerful desire is to help your family or spend more time with your kids. There is no correct “why” because everyone is different and each person has a different reason about why they are doing things.

Building a business is not for everyone. In fact, a very small percentage of people that get started get amazing results. And it has nothing to do with their intelligence. In most cases it's simply a matter of how far people are willing to go to change their lives.

I'm sure you've heard the fact that 50% of businesses fail within their first 5 years. While that statistic might be true, but the reason these businesses fail is because people fail.

Most entrepreneurs think that the process of achieving financial freedom is all flowers and rainbows. The true reason why most people fail is because they quit on themselves when it gets hard.

To make this work, you need to do it UNTIL it works.

My Story


I can still remember when I was in elementary school and sold candy to my classmates so I could buy an Xbox 360. When I asked my parents if I could get the console they said: 

“Yes, but you need to work for it”.

Basically they told me I could buy anything I wanted, but I had to pay for it.

At that time the school completely removed chocolates, candy and soda because it made kids get "sugar rushes" and get all hyperactive and crazy. So now the cafeteria didn't have what kids really wanted. So I said:

"hmm, what if I just bring it back? I'm sure everyone will buy from me.”

Supply and demand baby.

I brought home at least $10 every single day from selling candy and chocolates to my classmates. At first, I had to chase classmates to promote my candy. But later, everyone started talking about it and clients came to me instead. It created a snowball effect.

I was about 14 years old by then and I managed to get enough money to buy my own Xbox. My classmates were pretty impressed and by that time I started to get more competition as they started to notice it was a good idea.

My business snowball effect led me to the principal’s office... I got scold by the principle for selling things at school, but I was the happiest kid in the world. I understood a very important concept at a young age, the value exchange. 

People wanted candy, so I gave them candy and received money in exchange. Simple huh? I started to see that that was the way you made money.

I Refused To Have A 9-5 Job

Throughout the years I realized I wasn’t meant to work in a 9-5 job and fall into the “rat race” just like most people in the world.

I saw family members and adults around me not being able to go on vacations, or travel because they either had to work, or because there was no money. They were also always stressed about money.

All my life I saw my dad wake up, go to work, come back tired after a long day of work have dinner with us and after a few hours go to sleep.

I'm grateful to have such a great dad that worked so hard to give my mom, brother and I an amazing life.

That was his responsibility and he did it like a champ. He sacrificed so much for us.

At the same time, I always thought to myself:

"Is there another way I can make money when I have a family so I don't have to go work all day for someone else?" Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t I just do what I want when I want?”

Also, my parents were going through a divorce and money started to get more tight as it usually happens in a divorce. My mom got a 9-5 job and I hated to see her there.

I knew I had to start making my own money ASAP because one way I could help me parents was by becoming financially independent.

This is why I began my journey towards time and financial freedom.

I started my journey when I was in 10th grade (high school). I was around 16 years old back then.

I was a just a regular high school student back then. Going to parties, hanging out with my friends, and copying homework assignments every now and then when I totally forgot to do them.

Just a high school students doing regular high school student stuff...

But at the same time, I started looking for ways to make money online.

I didn’t care which business model I would focus on, I just wanted something to work. I always followed my brother’s steps as he also had this idea in his mind.

After doing hundreds of Google searches and typing all of the keywords imaginable such as “make money online”, “online business” and “work from home”, I started to learn more about making money online. I saw guys making millions of dollars and I wondered how the hell they managed to do it. 

Eventually, I ended up starting with affiliate marketing and buying course after course looking for the next “game changer”. I didn’t really understood how everything worked but I knew people were making crazy amounts of money with it. I wanted my piece of the pie.

I worked everyday at school in the middle of my classes. My classmates always wondered what I was up to. When they asked, I told them the business model and they laughed. They thought it was another pyramid style thing where people got scammed. I didn’t really have the mindset I have now, so it was tough to process those comments.

To be honest I got disappointed many times because I had no income to prove it could work. But I kept hustling and hustling everyday for the next years… I was around 16 back then and I knew that even if it took me 5 years to "crack the code" online, I would still be 21. Even if it took me 10 years to make it work, I would only be 26. So really, I had nothing to lose. I knew one day it would all be worth it. 

I built all kinds of websites, to get people to buy my affiliate offers. When someone bought the affiliate offer, I got paid a commission.

I also built a brand for my personal brand to share what I was learning as I went through my marketing journey. 

By the end of 11th grade I had already made my first $1,000 online with an affiliate product I was promoting.

After that everything pretty much just scaled really fast. I understood that if I delivered massive amounts of value to people, helped them solve their problems without expecting anything in return, they would naturally feel attracted to do business with me (even if I looked like a kid because I got my puberty pretty late).

I started to make money while I was on my school classes. In the image below I remember making $200 in my biology class which I considered pretty awesome! I remember making my first sales by messaging 30-50 new people on social media every single day.

My goal was to have many conversations, provide massive value, and eventually get people to schedule a call where I provided more value and used my affiliate offer to solve their problems.


After struggling a lot my hard work and consistency started to pay off very quickly… These were my first real results as an affiliate. I started to promote business opportunities and internet marketing tools such as website hosting services, marketing softwares, courses and email autoresponders.

I made a commission every time someone bought any of these tools, softwares or courses through my affiliate link.


I remember there were months where I generated more income than my teachers. I knew this before I asked around to see how much the average teacher earned on my high school. I knew I was just scratching the surface. While everyone was saying you needed a good degree, experience or a good college to make money, I was already one step closer to financial freedom.

I graduated on June 21 of 2015 with a rock solid mindset. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and be in the future and how making money really worked. 

The money was made by getting out there in the trenches.

So I got my high school degree and started my business degree in a college here in Costa Rica (to please my parents).

Now I had way more time to work on my business because it was not a very demanding college. I had the opportunity to go study to a well known college in the USA or EU, but I knew that was not aligned with my goals.

Eventually I dropped out because I realized that even if I love my parents, I need to follow my own path and listen to myself.

I wanted to take my business to the next level so I decided to invest most of my life savings on a high end Facebook ads Mastermind. I wanted to master Facebook ads because I knew I couldn't be sending messages forever and paid traffic is the fastest way to scale a business.

I had $6,000 on my bank account.

The Mastermind was one payment of $5,000.

And I needed $1,000 for ads.

So my bank balance went back to zero.

I decided I was going to make the program YES or YES.

I was committed to stick with the methods of the program until they worked. I ran traffic straight for 6 months non-stop. I saw very little results in the beginning. But the experience I was getting was priceless. It was worth THOUSANDS.

This was me back then when I was making money with the Mastermind program I bought. The smile in my face says a lot!

It's been around several years since then and I've spent well over $1,300,000 of my own money in Facebook ads to grow my business.

November 2015 (some months after graduating from high school) I attended a live marketing event in Miami. Many speakers talked about email marketing, affiliate marketing, sales... but in particular 1 caught my attention. This guy started talking about how you could create simple image ads and sell physical products like socks and shirts by having your own online store.

The idea of having my own online store made me stop working in everything I was doing and make myself a promise... 

"You will stick to E-Commerce no matter what till you make it work." 

By this point I combined my Facebook ads knowledge, with my previous affiliate marketing experience with what I learned in the event and slowly but surely started "cracking the code".

I created an e-commerce store, added some products, and got it live all within 1 week. 

I started my ads November 25, 2015 and in my first 2 weeks I crossed my first $100 days...


3 weeks later I was already at $200-$300/day in sales. I couldn't believe what I was achieving at this point.

Almost 3 months later I hit my first $1,000/day in sales which had always been one of my goals. I will always remember this day because I was super excited.


My first $10,000/day happened November 2016 (11 months later)


Then a $40,000/day.

After making 7 figures in this business model I started to receive invitations to speak in different events with some of the best marketers out there.


Now, I want you to put this into perspective...

Just 5 years back I was selling candy to my classmates to buy my own xbox 360. It took me 1 full year to make my first sale online working every single day when I had spare time. I was a complete marketing newbie and started 100% from scratch.

As you saw, I scaled things pretty quickly in a 1 year period of time. But you have to remember all the work that I put when I was on my Biology classes. When I messaged 30 people per day on social media. When I cried some nights because I felt I was going nowhere.

My journey was very far away from an "overnight success".

Affiliate marketing was the first business where I made $10,000 per month.

But because I got into e-commerce before it was "cool", I rode the wave up.

I was in the right place, at the right time, with 2 years of previous experience that allowed me to make it work.

Later I decided to stop doing E-Commerce to focus on selling digital products, which is what I do to date.

I got tired of having to deal with suppliers, shipping, and preferred to do everything in a digital way.

Selling digital products was a lot more aligned with my "Ideal Lifestyle" and it was a more minimalist business model.

Later I also made 7 figures selling digital products.

Building my businesses also allowed me to invest in real estate, stocks, and of course... Crypto & NFT's. 

 Making money is just one part of the equation.

The other part is preserving it.

It's easy to get caught into the "rat race" of consumption. In the last 5 years I've seen countless cases where very successful marketers get buried in a mountain of debt after spending all their money in Lambos and Gucci. I believe it's important to invest money wisely and diversify in different investment opportunities.

So What’s Your "Why" Sebastian?

 When I first started online I truly thought money was going to give me eternal happiness. I thought "Man when I have $10,000 in my bank account I will be SO happy." Then I thought $20,000 was going to be the magic number, then $50,000. Then $100,000...

Then I thought it would be when I finally bought my dream car (which I bought when I was 21).

I know this might sound cliche, but I realized that what gave me true fulfillment was the person that I was becoming in the process. It was enjoying the little moments with my loved ones and enjoying the freedom that I always desired on high school.

Just writing this story with my coffee here in my apartment, gets my stoked. That's what it's about for me.

My why is taking care of my family and people that are close to me. This business allowed me to get my mom to quit her 9-5 job, escape the rat race and help me with my business.

Simple things in life give me the most fulfillment.

Watching a sunset, riding my bike, watching my favorite TV show on Netflix, going to the movies, working on my business with my cup of coffee and techno music.

Also figuring things out by my own and cracking through the obstacles that I face.

Progress gives me fulfillment.

It's my mission to help people around the world grow their businesses by helping them apply the top working social media marketing strategies so they can reach their financial goals and experience abundant freedom too.

The reason I told you my own personal story rather than giving you a very professional "About Us" for my company is to show you that I’m just a regular person that made a commitment to myself and my future. I had zero technical skills and marketing knowledge.

I'm still very young but I've been through countless experiences that have allowed me to build my dream lifestyle and help my customers generate over $20,000,000 online.

Also, my intention with this story is simply to share the journey that I’ve went through and not tell you:

“ohh look at me, I finally made it!”

I’ve built the life of my dreams according to my own definition of success, but I'm still going through the journey.

Also, I have to admit, sometimes I feel like a complete newbie lol. There's always so much to learn and implement in this industry.

I still face obstacles just like anyone else.

Also, there's people that definitely make a lot more money than me online, and that you can learn from. So I appreciate you deciding to learn from me in this program.

I’m still going through my journey as I write this. I see ups and downs all the time. But that’s what entrepreneurship is about. It’s about the journey.

I truly believe anyone can create the lifestyle they dream of if they make the commitment to learn, take action every day and not quit until they reach their goals.

Pura vida.

- Sebastian