How To Create Content If You Have ZERO Experience

english Jul 17, 2021

Whatever you are selling I highly recommend you create content, it doesn’t matter if it’s an e-commerce store or a cooking program, there’s always a way to create valuable content out of it.

If not, you’re wasting a big opportunity to build a really powerful asset.

In today’s lesson I’m going to cover:

  • What to do if you are starting out and don’t know what to talk about.
  • How to create real content and avoid falling into the “Guru trap”.
  • AND… the endless content formula I learned from my mentor years ago.


What’s up, guys?

Welcome to this video. And I’m here with the Dalila. She’s, how do you say it? A Dachshund. I don’t know how you pronounce it, but she likes to sleep. 

And before we get started with today’s topic, we’re going to get some fuel. 

This is my favorite way of drinking coffee now. French press. I’ve tested many methods, and this is by far the best one. So let’s have a cup of coffee here.

Today, what we’re going to talk about is creating content.

As a complete beginner, as someone that has no experience. If you’re in that position, maybe you’re just starting out online. You understand the value of creating content. Maybe you’re starting your own brand. Maybe it can be an e-commerce brand. Maybe you’re starting your own personal brand. Maybe you want to sell more of your service. Maybe you want to create live events.

Whatever you are selling, I highly recommend that you create content. And the first thing I wanted to know of in this video is that when I create these videos, I define the topics that I want to talk about. And I could talk about pretty much anything and everything related to the Internet.

But I decide to allocate a lot of these topics into content creation because I actually believe it’s important. I could be talking about thousands of other things, but I talk a lot about content because it’s something that will truly help.

You will make a difference in your business. And if you don’t create it, you’re simply getting left behind because people that are creating it are going to be keeping the money basically and keeping the audiences, which are the real assets online.

So, if you’re a complete beginner, I mean, I’m recording this video because I’m getting a bunch of questions about this, and my Facebook groups, and my programs, and on YouTube.

And what people ask me is, hey, Sebastian, I’m a complete beginner. I don’t have experience in, let’s say, marketing. If they’re in the internet marketing niche, I want to start creating content, but I don’t know what to talk about. Like which topic? How am I going to teach people a fight or have the experience if I’m just starting out?

I went through this exact same obstacle when I started because when I started out, I start creating content. I didn’t have results on the Internet, and here’s what I did.

Basically, in the beginning, when you’re starting out with content, you don’t want to position yourself as this expert, or guru, if you’re not an expert or a guru, [Right?]

What you want to do is simply share your journey, simply share your story. Why you are starting this journey. You just have to be, like, very transparent. 

You can be like: “Hey, my name is Sebastian, this is my first video. I’m going to start recording videos about Internet marketing, about my journey, starting my business. I’m just starting out, and the reason I’m starting this business is because of X, Y, and Z”.

Or maybe you want to start a channel about fitness because you love fitness, but maybe you are not a bodybuilder and you don’t look like a fitness expert. But when I talk about this because you want to help people and you want to document your journey, so you did the same thing:

“Hey, my name is Sebastian. I’m not a fitness expert, but I’m going to start recording videos about what I eat. The changes that I see on my body, what I’m learning so that you can learn from my journey, from my experience, and maybe get those the things that that are working for me and apply them yourself”

So in the beginning, it’s more about storytelling, about documenting your journey; and rather than being the expert and teaching people how to do things. Because maybe at this point you don’t know how to do things yourself. So a great way to do that is by creating vlogs.

My brother was creating vlogs in the like in his daily life of internet marketing, and internet marketing, and fitness. And it’s just like taking out your phone and going here to the gym. Today, I’m going to be hitting out these workouts. These are the number of reps and sets that I’m going to be doing. And I’m following this program, blah, blah, blah…

You have to realize that people don’t follow you because, like, not necessarily people won’t follow you just because you’re an expert. They follow you because they enjoy your content. It’s a lot about entertainment, as well.

So, when you get more experience about a specific topic, people will start following you because you are like the go-to person in that niche. Eventually, you get there. But in the beginning, you can start building your audience because your content is just so legit. 

People love to see the hero’s journey basically as you start from scratch, and start going through the different stages of your journey and sharing the results. That just gets so much attention. People love it.

If you’re a beginner right now, you don’t have the experience in any niche. Just start documenting your journey, sharing your story. I used to work at this job. I got fired. I went to start my own business. And what I’m doing is I’m getting into affiliate marketing and funnels, then you can explain the next video, what is a funnel? You’re not teaching people how to create a million-dollar funnel. 

You are teaching people. This is a funnel. This is what I’ve learned. The funnel- is a series of pages that guide people through the process of taking an action. I didn’t know this one week ago, now I know.

And here’s why it’s important. So you see the difference?

Here’s the endless content formula that I learned from my mentor. It’s called Learn, Do, Teach.

So you learn something.

You do it right.

You apply it.

You get the experience.

You see the results. And then you teach it.

For example, let’s say that you learn that may be for you, Keto, that keto diet is amazing. So you learn it. Then you apply it. You do the keto to diet, and then you teach the results. What happened? You recommended how to do it. Learn to teach.

Now, over time, as you keep learning and educating yourself about the specific niche, you will gain some real experience. You will learn how to do the exercises the right way. You will learn how to run Facebook Ads, how to create profitable funds. 

Whatever your niche is, you will learn to do things the right way. That’s when you can start teaching and going deeper into these specific topics and teaching based on experience.

So in the beginning, maybe you thought, what is a funnel? Maybe later on in two months, you can talk about the results of your first profitable funnel and what you would suggest a beginner to do it because you went through the exact same thing.

This whole content creation topic that I always talk about, it’s not so much about becoming this expert out of nowhere, about becoming this influencer, and super famous person out of nowhere.

[Let me turn the lights on, actually. It’s pretty dark. I didn’t even realize that we were without lights]. 

And it’s not about becoming famous. It’s about building an audience that follows your journey. That’s what people want. People want transparency. People want to be able to relate to you. People want to hear your story and then figure out. They want to figure out how they can become part of it. Now, as I said, over time, you will become an expert in your field.

Like, for instance, I never imagined that I would be teaching you about this stuff like right now when I first started out, I never thought I would be teaching you this stuff. I was just documenting my journey and now here I am teaching you based on experience. 

I spent a lot of money to learn this stuff. I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of wins, a lot of funnels, hired people. I know a little bit of everything. So now I’m speaking based on experience.

And in my opinion, that’s what you’ve got to do. Like, that’s how you build an audience. It’s not about faking it. It’s not about having the results. It’s not about saying, you know, it’s not about thinking that you can only help people if you made a bunch of money or if you’ve got a six-pack, you can help people without having massive results as long as you are one step ahead of them.

So, for example, here’s something that I did, in the beginning, I created content about Internet marketing, and in the beginning, I started sharing my journey. But then I learned while I was a website and why you needed a website to collect leads and get exposure. 

And once I learned this, I felt I created my own blog using WordPress. I went ahead and a record I record a video that said, what is a domain? OK, what is a domain name? And I taught people where a domain name was and where you could buy it.

Video number two – How to create your own WordPress Web site in a very in a simple way. So I went and told them, OK. This is WordPress. This is where you get it. This is how you use it.

Step number three, how to create a banner for your website to collect leads. So as you can see, I’m the same. Say, hey, I’m a millionaire. Look at my Gucci shoes and look at my Lambo. You don’t need all this stuff, right? What you are doing is that you are teaching people because you’re one step ahead of them.

Now, some people might be watching this and say, hey Sebastian it is not ethical to be teaching people if you don’t have the results. But let me ask you this. Do you think it’s wrong if someone doesn’t know what a domain is and I create a video teaching them what a domain is because I know what it is?

It’s not wrong.

It’s just helpful.

It’s value.

And I’m not saying that I’m an Internet millionaire, and this is what you’ve got to realize. You can help people. You can provide value without being an expert, without having a massive resource. You simply share your agenda of what you’re learning, and if you’re one step ahead of people, then people will look up to you because you taught them that one thing.

So when people say, I remember the guy that told me what a domain name was. It was a simple thing that he taught, that he taught me. He taught me how to go from point A to point B, create a simple Web site, something simple. You taught them something simple. 

Now, when they need more help regarding something in their niche, guess what? They’re going to look up to the guy that helped them in a small way that they remember because he was genuine because he was transparent, and that’s how the Internet works.

That’s how I started. That’s how I suggest my students get started. And they do very well doing that. And a lot of people saying that you know, you just got to fake it to create content. You don’t, in fact, faking it, it’s just it just works because people can smell the BS kilometers away.

So you just want to be real, you know, just be yourself.

Don’t try to copy, Grant Cardone, or the fitness guru. Just be yourself.

Because in the end, what sells is your own uniqueness. And that’s how people relate with you. You want to build your own tribe that he’s attracted to your personality. I don’t care if you’re either, maybe, a little bit douche, or maybe you are super friendly or this. In the end, you’re going to attract people with your own personality.

And like I say, at the beginning of the video, I could be talking about anything else here. I decide to talk a lot about content because it’s something that will grow your business. It will grow your audience, it will make your money. I’ve tested it for years. I’ve tested it with myself, with other people.

Just take a look at everyone out there that’s extremely successful and you are probably aware of them. You know, they exist. You’ve probably purchased stuff from them precisely because they create content and they show up in your feed on Facebook, and Instagram and they read and you receive their emails, and you see them on YouTube. They are out there.

If you want to build an online business, but you are not out there. You are like missing out like 50 percent of the equation, which is just the content alone. So that’s how you create content as a complete beginner. 

That’s how you create content without having experience. You just turn on your camera and start talking about your journey, your story. Then you start teaching people what you are learning. You start providing value to your audience.

Once you start getting results, you can start showing them what you are doing, what you messed up. You can share what you messed up. That’s a piece of content. OK. 

So just all that stuff, even the mindset things that you are going through. I didn’t want to wake up, but I had to take action because, you know, I want to change my life and. And this is what you are what people want to hear.

Later on while you have the audience, it’s just very easy to grow your business because people look up to you because they resonate with you.

Guys, that’s basically it. Hope you find this valuable. I never really drank my coffee. I will try to drink my coffee. But if you like this video, be sure to share it with someone that would like to hear it.

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Just an amazing program. And if you want to learn more. Go to or click on the link in the description to go check it out.

Thank you so much for watching, guys, and I will see you the next one. 

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